Ohls was there and a slim gray scholarly man from the Sheriff's office who looked and talked more like a professor of economics than a cop. I was telling the story and they were listening quietly and Silver-Wig sat in a shadow with her hands folded in her lap, looking at nobody. There was a lot of telephoning. There were two men from the Homicide Bureau who looked at me as if I was some kind of strange beast escaped from a traveling circus. I was driving again, with one of them beside me, to the Fulwider Building.
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El primero que se resintio fue Sancho Panza. hallandose junto a su senor. con voz enferma y lastimada. Senor don Quijote. senor don Quijote.
No desalinase a Rocinante. antigua usanza establecida y guardada de los andantes caballeros. quitar el freno y colgarle del arzon de la silla. quitar la silla al caballo. guarda.

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